Manufacturer of organic cosmetics.

Develops, formulates, and manufactures your cosmetic products according to your desires.

Our customized services

From conception to production, we leverage our experience to support you in your project, according to your desires and convictions. Explore our various services, all carried out in-house by our professional teams.

Research and Development

To offer you innovative, tailor-made products that meet the specifications you have set (target, texture, color, scent, appearance, price…).

Manufacturing and Packaging

La polyvalence, la flexibilité et la réactivité de notre équipe vous permettront de fabriquer vos petites, moyennes et grandes séries très rapidement. Conditionnement possible dès 50 pièces, le tout à des tarifs très accessibles.

Turnkey formulas

We offer “white label” options. This solution allows you to select, from a wide range of organic skincare products, those that suit your brand and market positioning.

Ethics at the heart of our DNA

We leverage our expertise in formulation to develop natural, organic cosmetic products that are respectful of the body and the environment.

They trust us