Your project from A to Z

Tailor-made cosmetics to suit you

Your project from A to Z

Tailor-made cosmetics to suit you

Full Service

Our teams are at your disposal to advise and support you on the service that best matches your business objectives and market opportunities.

Thanks to its experience and permanent veil on cosmetic innovations, our Research and Development department will offer you innovative, tailor-made products corresponding to the specifications that we will have set together beforehand (target group, texture, color, fragrance, galenic, price…). Your products are manufactured and packaged within our premises, so that we can validate their quality at each stage of the process.

Formulation phase

Duration : 9 – 12 months

LCB cosmetiques
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Product brief

Elaboration and validation of the product brief and specifications

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Raw materials

Drawing on our cosmetics expertise, we advise you and select the best raw materials for you. We ensure that they comply with regulatory requirements, as well as their marketing power, depending on the target defined. As a subcontractor, we make it a point of honour to guide you through this crucial stage, which will see your project gradually take shape.



Validation and selection of your packaging. Choose the containers best suited to your brand image and your desires.



Our R&D laboratory and our cosmetics engineers formulate organic skincare products for you, which will be your brand's best-sellers in the future. To do this, we draw on the skills of our teams and their expertise in galenic formulations.



We assist you with these procedures, including compliance with labeling requirements, the drafting of the cosmetic dossier, and clinical tests. Certification, mandatory tests, CPNP & DIP.

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Production pilot

Once the formula has been validated, we analyse the product's stability over time. To do this, we carry out accelerated ageing for 2 months in an oven. At the same time, we test compatibility (content/container) to see if the bottle does not deform or if there is any migration between the content or the container.

pilote industriel

+ Manufacturing & Packaging

Duration : 1 - 3 months

Our strengths and convictions


To listen to our customers and
offer them products that meet their expectations, are practical to use, in formats that are appropriate for their use and ensure proper conservation over time.


To design and manufacture quality cosmetics, always more effective and pleasant, in order to guarantee comfort and well-being


Ethics at the heart of our values:
We carry out responsible sourcing and purchasing, preferably in the vicinity of our site, and a commitment to a CSR approach.


These convictions are a shared commitment with our Team on the issues of ecology, naturalness and responsibility.